Sunday Brunch at Christie’s- Burlingame, CA

egg white omelet at Christie's
One thing I haven’t really had since I moved here is brunch. Today we decided to check out a little place called Christie’s in Burlingame after seeing promising reviews on Yelp.

We arrived and saw people waiting outside. We put our name in and did the same. The hostess had a strange way about her- not particularly friendly or welcoming, but it was busy so I will cut her some slack. After about 15 minutes we got in and were seated. I ordered a mimosa and was carded, of course. Our waitress, too, was a bit less-than-charming, but I don’t really care. It’s a diner and it was busy. As long as I get food I’m happy.

About half an hour later and seconds before taking up knife-throwing and cannibalism, our food arrived. Of course, we ordered way too much, but that’s the fun of brunch. I ordered an egg white omelet with spinach, bacon and cheddar, a side of hash browns and yet another side of biscuits and gravy to share. It was heaven. (I tried not to let the starvation bias weigh my judgment.)

The omelet was cooked perfectly- no runny whites which is an immediate send-back in my book. The spinach was also perfect- bright green, not overcooked. The bacon was crispy inside as well. A perfect omelet. The hash browns were amazing. They had that great, crispy outside you can only get from a flat-top fry. The biscuits were soft, doughy and spot-on. The gravy was great, too. It was velvety and creamy. My husband doesn’t care for it. He says he doesn’t get it. That’s OK, more for me.

I have to say it was a pretty good brunch. It absolutely hit the spot, even if we had to wait awhile and had less than warm, fuzzy service. I would definitely go back.

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