Someone Give Me A Nickel

So I’ve been a little bit of a slacker about posting lately, but that’s only because I’ve been busy.  I am getting backed up on stories, but I’ll get them down eventually.  I had dinner at a great sushi place in Sunset, a bad Chinese delivery place and an amazing dinner at Prospect on Spear.  I also made some great dishes of my own that I’ll share when I get a little more time and a little more energy.  I had every intention of writing some of these tonight but woke up this morning with a killer, throbbing headache that decided to stick around all day.

One thing I thought I would share is some exciting news I got in my inbox this morning.  It involves fermented grape juice and a nickel.  That’s right, it’s BevMo’s 5 cent sale time!  Grab some boxes and get ready to stock up.  The deal is, you buy any bottle of wine at regular price and get a second of the same for 5 cents.  Madness!  I knew breaking that wishbone at Thanksgiving would pay off.  It’s a dream come true for a wino, eh hem, I mean, connoisseur such as myself.  Looks like I’ll be filling up the wine rack this weekend, so don’t be surprised if my posts I’ve been putting off don’t make any sense when I write them this weekend.  Please feel free to share any recommendations in the comments!

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